The Artistry of Sherry Killam

The Artistry of Sherry Killam

Sherry Killam Arts is a collaborative integration of the artist's creativity and resilience. Beyond the beautiful art prints we offer, there are captivating narratives waiting to be explored.

Her career-long practice of helping school children explore their potential gifts and talents guided Sherry's own unexpected path later when she lost vision in one eye. 

Becoming a successful digital artist with minimal vision and depth perception, is nothing short of inspiring. Her ability to adapt and learn to create stunning artworks using her iPad as a 'digital immigrant' is a testament to the indomitable spirit of artistry.

Each art print at Sherry Killam Arts conveys a story, a moment caught in time. Whether it's the awe of a desert sunset or the whimsy of a surreal landscape; an illustrated adage or a quirky geometric design, every piece is a window into her imagination.

The works in Sherry's collections are more than decoration; each one is a subtle opportunity to invite narratives and emotions into your space. 

Let Sherry Killam Arts spark conversations, evoke memories, and inspire you every day.