Sherry Killam

I’ve always been some kind of Whistle Blower. Not a rat or tattle-tale... but trained, qualified, and certified to carry a real whistle. A cheerleader, life guard, and then a veteran public school teacher.

Retired, but still in possession of my wits, my whistle, and some vivid memories, I observe NOW, and remember THEN, as an artist and writer. The Weekly Sher is a collection of personal stories, “NOTES FROM A WORN OUT WHISTLE BLOWER,” and original paintings that I create with One Eye and One Finger, on my iPad… but that’s another story.

My days of professional whistle blowing involved relationships with children, families, bureaucrats, and systems. Lessons were learned. But this ‘newsletter’ is NOT directly about classroom tips, improving family life, getting rich, or reaching a goal. It’s more about offering ways of ‘brightening up the moment, as it Is.’

I stand with the resolute musicians who kept playing on the Titanic. I see no reason to stop sharing beauty and humor, even as the ship goes down.

It’s more about brightening up the moment, as it is.

In my experience, elements in artworks—colors, shapes, textures, movement…. as well as the words we choose when telling stories, have the power to connect and coax out humor, hope, and optimism that is already there.

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