2019 Desktop Calendar

2019 Desktop Calendar with Sherry Killam artworks.

2019 Desktop Calendars Stand Alone




This 2019 Desktop Calendar features artwork I created with ‘Procreate’ on iPad.   Many have asked if they can order calendars for themselves and their friends. A unique and practical gift, having one is a nice way to stay connected with people we care about, even if it’s knowing we’re turning the same page each month and enjoying the same colorful image. Please let me know through FB Messenger the best way to contact you if you’re interested in ordering calendars. $12/each, includes postage. Check, cash, or Paypal. Thanks!

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I Will Grow

Sherry Killam, teacher, author, visual artist.

Sherry Killam

“I love you just the way you are.”






I am the root,
stem, leaf, and flower
of myself.

Don’t hasten the bloom
with your aesthetic impatience.
If the hope of a flower
attracts you,
take care to cultivate me.

Nourish my roots first
Light, air, space for my leaves

If you don’t have the time
buy some pretty cut flowers
and leave me alone.
I will grow.

Colorful flowers against field and sky.

Fragility of Flowers by Sherry Killam